Sela Blue and the Magic Ticket (hardcover)



A charming story of a young girl who uses her imagination to take her to the far corners of the globe. Recommended for ages 5-7.

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When Sela finds herself stuck indoors on a wintry day, the magic of her imagination takes her on a journey far beyond the shores of her Musical Village of Chateauguay. Set in her little town off the south shore of the bay, readers get to know Sela and her family as they bask in her imagination and daydreams brought to life through playful and whimsical storylines of childhood adventure and amusement.

About the Author

Alisia Dale Grenville is a mother, wife, lawyer, entrepreneur and writer of the beautiful series Sela Blue. She was born to South American parents who immigrated to Canada where she and her sisters were born and were raised in a dual household that celebrated her South American and West Indian cultures. Her household was built and fostered on education and empowerment that you could be anything you put your mind to. Alisia later pursued a career as an attorney in the U.K., England, Wales, and the state of New York who specializes in Compliance and Integrity; Ethics; Legal and Compliance Risk Management. After she had started her own family she was inspired to create children’s books that would reflect her biracial family and resonate with her children. What initially started as a story about her twin boys later morphed into a different character once she birthed her third child which was a girl. Sela Blue was born out of a desire to blend the whimsical backdrop of her hometown in Chateauguay, Quebec, in Canada with a character of color that children could immerse themselves in that wasn’t steeped in tragedy: “I decided I would keep it very authentic and real by showcasing three little girls growing up in a musical village with the episodic backdrop of a child…and that’s how Sela Blue was born.”
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