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  • Directory of Biomedical and Health Care Grants, 30th edition

    Directory of Biomedical and Health Care Grants, 30th edition

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    This essential guide offers over 2,800 funding programs from all levels of government, corporations, and foundations for anyone seeking funding for research, faculty development, dissertations, internships, scholarships and assistantships, facility and organizational support, conferences, and more. Coverage has been increased in such areas as clinical and programmatic studies in gerontology and mental health; clinical studies of the cause, detection, and elimination of cancer; health care delivery and maintenance; and programs researching all areas relating to coronaviruses. While most programs listed originate from the US or Canada, programs from other countries are included.

    Three user-friendly indexes (Subject, Program Type, and Geographic Focus) help grantseekers quickly find the ideal funding opportunity.

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    Directory of Grants for Arts and Cultural Programs

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    This first edition directory lists thousands of grants and other funding opportunities for arts and cultural programs. Listings include sponsor information including contact person, amount of grant, requirements, deadline, and all other pertinent information to help you decide which grants to pursue.

  • Directory of Grants in the Humanities, 29th edition

    Directory of Grants in the Humanities, 29th edition

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    Grants are supposed to enable work, not create more of it. You need a guide, a map, and the right tools for the job. Helping you from your earliest brainstorming sessions to fully funded projects, this essential directory offers countless tips and resources for humanities scholars as well as artists, and arts organizations seeking funding for performances, exhibits, residencies, general operations, fellowships, and numerous other program types. This invaluable directory highlights thousands of current programs from over 3,000 sponsors, including U.S. and foreign foundations, corporations, state arts councils and government agencies and other organizations.

  • Education Department General Administrative Regulations

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    A Condensed Guide for Program Managers and Project Directors

    by Andrew Shepard-Smith

    A comprehensive guide to help you navigate your way through the policies of the U.S. Department of Education. A must-have for any education administrator!