The Book of Tea


by Okakuro Kakuzo

Foreword by Anita Schafer

Originally published in 1906, The Book of Tea introduced American and other Western readers to Japanese culture and how tea is an essential component of it. However, the book has a broader message. Okakura deftly makes comparisons between East and West, highlighting each strengths and imperfections. Okakura’s essay also introduces Teaism and appreciation of the aesthetic. The moments of repose while drinking tea offer an insight and a presence hardly found in many activities. The art of the Japanese tea ceremony is outlined and explained in detail. A classic among literary scholars and tea enthusiasts.

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One of the great cultural classics, The Book of Tea started as an essay during the turn of the century. Okakura wrote the book in English to share the experiences of Japanese and Asian culture from an Asian viewpoint. He introduces Zennism, Taoism and Teaism to American readers, enlightening them on their simplicity. Among his many accomplishments as a scholar, professor, art expert, and curator, this book stands out as one of his greatest.

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Okakura Kakuzo

Foreword by

Anita Schafer




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